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Cablu pentru instrument Jack -Jack pipa, REAN, 5m DHT120LU5
Professional instrument cable with REAN Ø 6.3 mm mono plug - Ø 6.3 mm right angle mono plug connections.

Assembled with Rean connectors (a brand owned by Neutrik AG, the worldwide leader in professional audio connectors), the "T" series from DH have an excellent cost-performance ratio, attractive design and reliable functionality. The "T" series have an overmoulded backshell to ensure the most secure cable – connector fi xing and help guarantee best performance.
Connectors: REAN Ø 6,3 mm mono plug - REAN Ø 6,3 mm right angle mono plug
Overall jacket: High flexibility Ø 7.0 mm PVC
1° shield: High conductivity DH PVC
2° shield: Dense spiral copper wire
Color: Black
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