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Cablu audio Jack mic stereo 2x Jack mare REAN, 1.8m DHT545
Professional assembled "ADAPTER" cable with REAN Ø 3.5 mm Stereo jack plug - 2 x REAN Ø 6.3 mm Mono jack plug connections. Length: 1.8 m. Available colour: Black.

Professional audio cables, designed according to the different standard of communication and connection. This line includes, insert, "Y", adapters, as well as instrument cables. Made of purest OFHC red copper conductors, with different types of shield and 24k gold-plated connections. The black outer jacket has a light grey index, and is made of tough but flexible PVC material
Connectors: REAN Ø 3,5 mm Stereo plug - REAN Ø 6,3 mm mono plug
Overall jacket: High flexibility 2 x Ø 4.0 mm PVC
1° shield: High conductivity DH PVC
2° shield: Dense spiral copper wire
Color: Black
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